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Ukyo SAITO is an illustrator/artist based on Tokyo JAPAN.

She held her first solo exhibition at a gallery “Sekiun Garo” in Harajuku, Tokyo. Since then, she has been showing her works in solo and group exhibitions.
In the field of illustration, she has been active in books, mooks, web and other media.

Used tools in handpainted artworks: acrylic paint, Japanese painting materials
Used applications: Adobe Phosothop cc, Clipstudio Paint, Artrage ,etc.

Languages : Japanese(native) , English

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Visual e-book “Let’s play with Hokusai, BONSAI Owl!”
BONSAI Owl, the mysterious owl with BONSAI on its head, travels inside Hokusai’s artworks.

Let's play with Hokusai, BONSAI Owl!
Let's play with Hokusai, BONSAI Owl!

“Mr.Tiger’s mysterious trunk” (『ふしぎなトラのトランク』)
Japanese children’s literature work written by Kazuhito Kazeki and illustrated by Ukyo Saito.