Welcome to the Virtual BONSAI Festival

In May, the “Great Bonsai Festival” was held in Bonsai-cho, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, and was a great success.
Aside from that, the Virtual Bonsai Village is now holding a lively Virtual Bonsai Festival.

I went to the festival for a while. It was a very enjoyable festival with many animals dancing merrily around the bonsai, and bonsai owls were also there.
Many beasts and birds participate in this festival. It is customary for humans to hide their faces so as not to frighten them, so they all wear beautiful hoods, masks, and coverings of their own. This way, the animals welcome the humans as the inventors of bonsai and have fun with them.
At the center of the dance circle that day was a large zuina bonsai. It was beautiful with many flowers.
There was also a fox wearing a cape, perhaps trying to imitate human attire a bit.
A fox wearing a cute hood
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